Bring your own storage pricing

What is "bring your own storage"?

If you already have a compatible storage provider or want to use a free compatible storage provider, you can buy PhotoLog without a storage offering.
More details on how to set it up:


Ideal for a well established photo studio
99 *
  • Unlimited members
  • Your own storage
  • Easy photo culling
  • AI photo tagging
  • Automatic photo watermarking
  • CRM
  • Customers can choose photos for deliverables
  • Photo shoot booking
    (with Google Calendar intergration)
  • Dedicated support channel
  • (Coming soon)
    Promote your portfolio on the marketplace

* Excluding local tax
** Free trial consists of 2 Gb of free storage and unlimited users for 7 days.
(The free trial offering is subject to change at any time without any prior notice)

All your media at your fingertips on any device

Use PhotoLog to store all your media files without being afraid of losing them.

No credit card required