Bring your own storage pricing

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The bring your own storage option is an offering for advanced users who want to use their own S3 compatible storage.

The "Bring your own storage" offering does not come with any guarantee and PhotoLog cannot be held liable for any data corruption or issues caused by using an external storage provider.

For more info on how to set it up, please check our guide

Bring your own storage

Use your own S3 compatible storage with PhotoLog
99 *
  • User managed storage
  • All existing and upcoming
    PhotoLog features

* Excluding local tax
** Free trial consists of 2 Gb of free storage for 7 days.
(The free trial offering is subject to change at any time without any prior notice)

Use your own S3 compatible storage

Use PhotoLog to store all your media files on an S3 compatible bucket.

No credit card required