Want to store media safely?

Introducing PhotoLog!
The no-AI, no-censorship media storage platform.
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Do you want to..

Keep your private media safe?

Protect your media from prying eyes. Share your spicy media only with people whom you trust.

Stop AIs learning from your data?

PhotoLog does not touch or use your media at all.

Be able to share your media with anyone?

Comprehensive sharing methods allow you to grant access to only the media you want.

Have one place where everyone uploads media during a special occasion?

Allow all your friends to upload into the same album, during a special occasion so that no photo or video is lost afterwards.

Access your media from any place?

All your media is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Then you need PhotoLog!

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Picture describing the PhotoLog UI on laptop screen.
Picture describing the PhotoLog share UI on phone screen

Easily share and collaborate

Share your media files easily

PhotoLog allows you to generate QR codes and links which you can share with anyone.

Control access whenever you want

Easily remove people from the shared list.

Ideal for parties and events

Allow people to upload to the same album during an event so that all photos are in the same place.

Time-based access links

Create links that expire after some time.

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Core features

Full privacy of your data

No one is touching or analyzing your media. Take back control from those pesky AIs!

No quality loss

Your media is not processed at all.

Easy sharing features

Share your media files and albums with your close ones easily.

Collaborate on special occasions

Allow your friends to upload to the same album on special occasions

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