Need to keep your photos and videos safe?

Stop losing your media on hard drives that break or on cloud providers that censor it.

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Are you..

Afraid of censorship or losing quality?

Your media is exactly how you upload it. No one is touching or can access it without your consent.

Searching for a place to share your media?

Share your media and even the subscription with anyone you want.

Tired of extra apps to install?

No more apps needed to view your media.

A photography business owner?

Streamline business processes​. Handle client deliverables and communication easily.

Then you need to use PhotoLog!

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Manage your photography business in one click

Manage your client needs easier with the business tools we offer.

Business tools

All your customers in one place

Our CRM allows managing customers easily.

Book photo shootings seamlessly

Book photo shootings with your customers directly from the platform.

Deliver faster to your customers

Customers can choose which photos they like and want you to print or use for their deliverables.

Groups management

Customers can be grouped into smaller groups which have the same requests and needs.

Have all your media accessible at any time

Use PhotoLog to store all your media files without ever losing them again.

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Core features

No quality loss without your consent

Your media is not processed unless necessary (like adding watermark for business owned photos).

Full privacy of your data

No one is touching or analyzing your media without your consent.
(Terms and conditions apply)

Share your media easily

Share your albums with friends, family and customers in just one click.

Grow your business easier

Use the dedicated business tools to book photo shootings, assign groups and choose deliverables.

No more apps to install

No more apps that need a ton of permissions or don't work on all devices.

One account for all subscriptions

Manage both your personal account and business from the same account.